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It is my intention to use this website as a resource for pilot training and general aviation.
If you are looking for something specific to flying and can't find it here, please contact me.
Just click the "Contact" page.
If you just want to browse then it's great to have you as a guest.  Thank you for visiting!
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Available Services

Pricing based on make and model of aircraft. Day and hourly rate avaliable.



A lifetime of experience and passion for aviation to share.  Designated as a 'Gold Seal' Certified Flight Instructor by the FAA, RobbinsAir is dedicated to professional flight operations and training.  Safety will always be my first priority.  

Why should you fly?

Aviation has many benefits and has had a significant impact on society.  Some great things about aviation include:

Connecting people and places: Aviation makes it possible for people to travel quickly and easily to different parts of the world, connecting people and cultures and making the world feel smaller.


Enabling exploration: Aviation has enabled humans to explore and understand the world around us in ways that were not previously possible, from the first powered flights to space travel.


Advancing technology: The aviation industry has driven technological innovation and has contributed to the development of new technologies in areas such as materials science, propulsion, and avionics.


Driving economic growth: The aviation industry is a major contributor to the global economy, creating jobs and driving economic growth.

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Aircraft Maintenance
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